Nancy McCown
Modena (left) with her older sister Mollie in 1980.
Birth: 22 September 1878
Texas, USA
Death: 8 June 1989
Texas, USA
Age: 110 years, 259 days
Country: USA FlagUSA

Nancy Modena McCown (née Hensley; 22 September 1878 – 8 June 1989) was a verified American supercentenarian. She was born as Nancy Hensley in Delta County, Texas. Her parents were John and Jane Hensley. John was a Civil War veteran. Jane passed away when McCown was only three years old. She had 5 siblings in total. The family maintained a farm of 103 acres.

Modena married William McCown on 8 January 1914. The couple had 2 sons. One of them, William Jr., died in World War 2. Modena was very active in church as a Presbytarian. She became a widow in 1960. She moved to a nursing home in 1972. Her health in 1984 was said to be "excellent". Her sister, Mallie Yeager, died in May 1982 at age 106 (almost 107).

Nancy McCown died on 8 June 1989, at the age of 110 years, 259 days.