Natividad Martinez de la Cruz
Natividad Martinez de la Cruz
Birth: 4 January 1900?
Altamira, Dominican Republic

118 years, 194 days?

Country: DOM FlagDOM
Longevity claimant

Natividad Martinez de la Cruz (born 4 January 1900?) is a Dominican Republic longevity claimant to the world's oldest person title.


Martinez de la Cruz was allegedly born on 4 January 1900 in Altamira, Dominican Republic. She married Gregorio Silverio, with whom she had five children. She has about 40 grandchildren. She is an evangelical Christian and is sometimes taken to church by her daughter. She reportedly voted in the most recent Dominican presidential election in 2012. She currently lives in La Victoria, Dominican Republic.

Age Issue

The only documentation Martinez de la Cruz has provided to support her claimed age is a recently-issued identity card. If her claimed age is true, she would be seven months older than the official world's oldest validated person, Nabi Tajima.