Nijiro Tokuda
Nijiro Tokuda
Birth: 10 June 1895
Kagoshima, Japan
Death: 12 June 2006
Kagoshima, Japan
Age: 111 years, 2 days
Country: JAP FlagJPN

Nijiro Tokuda (徳田 二次郎 Tokuda Nijirō?, 10 June 1895 – 12 June 2006) was a Japanese supercentenarian, who was, at the time of the death, the oldest living man in Japan, as well as the sixth oldest verified living man in the world. He was believed to have become the oldest living man in Japan following the death of Kohachi Shigetaka almost one year before at age 110.


Tokuda lived in the care house Sakura no Sono in Kagoshima. Although he had been using a walking aid since fracturing his foot about 10 years ago, he continued to be an avid photographer and shot pictures of a local summer festival using a camera he owned for more than 20 years. He walked to the facility's cantina three times a day and occasionally traveled in a wheelchair out in public, as when he voted in Japan's general election of late 2005. When someone asked him how he lived so long, he said: "It is important not to strain yourself. You can live a long life if you stay quiet and calm."[1]


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