Niko Dragos
Niko Dragos on his 110th birthday.
Birth: 27 August 1907
Griblje, Slovenia

110 years, 203 days

Country: SVN FlagSVN

Nikolaj "Niko" Dragos (Slovenian: Dragoš) (born 27 August 1907) is a Slovenian supercentenarian noted as the oldest living person in Slovenia as well as the oldest living man. He is also the oldest Slovenian man of all time and the first Slovenian man to become a supercentenarian.


He was born in Griblje near Crnomelj (present-day Slovenia, Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time of his birth), where he finished a primary school.[1][2]

He found a job in a Yugoslav military and was sent to a Yugoslav-Bulgarian border in present-day Serbia as a border guard. Later he became a head of the border patrol. At the outbreak of the WWII, he was captured by Germans and sent to a camp for prisoners of war in present-day Austria, where he remained until the end of the war.[1][2] After the war he found a job in the Yugoslav police where he worked primarily as a record clerk. He retired in 1965.[3]

He married in 1947 and had two children, a son and a daughter.[1][2]. At the request of his family, he wrote an autobiography, entitled “Mojih sto let” (My one hundred years) which was published in 2007.[2]

At a young age he was a good skier (winner of the Yugoslav military skiing competition).[2]

He also played musical instruments since his youth and played tamboura and guitar even as a centenarian.[2]

On 27 August 2017, Dragos became a supercentenarian when he reached the age of 110 years old.[4]



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