Very occasionally, two or more supercentenarians have been born on the same day.Here is a list.

Wilhelmine Sande (died January 21,1986) and Bertha Webber (died February 11,1985)

Maxine Ashinger (died September 29,1986) and Birdie May Vogt (died July 23,1989)

Bessie Viar (died February 16,1992) and Henry Pfieffer (died May 23,1992)

Carrie Harrison (died December 23,1991) and Mary Bidwell (died April 25,1996) some sources say Bidwell was 10 days younger

Ethel Tuck (died May 15,1992) and Paula Baumgaertner (died February 24,1993)

Mary "Mabel" Metcalf (died November 11,1992) and Christian Mortensen (died April 25,1998)

Flora Curren (died April 18,1995) and Mary Stout (died December 25,1995)

Giuseppa Sanna (died October 16,1993) and Edith Freehling (died December 29,1993)

Pablo Roy Morales (died January 26,1994) and Elizabeth Fisher (died August 3,1996)

Ada Cleggett (died December 8,1995) and Shizue Hasegawa (died July 31,1997)

Emma Godfrey (died July 9,1997), Maria Greco (died January 6,1998),and Mary Randall (died November 12,2000) first same-day trio

Nora Laplace (died September 6,1998) and Lillie Holden (died November 11,1999)

Aley Larue (died August 31,1998) and Joseph Athmann (died September 2,1998)

Hilda Grahn (died June 24,1998) and Teresia Lindahl (died March 2,1999) both were from Sweden

Marie-Louise Thurneyssen (died June 27,1999) and Frances Hale (died January 29,2000)

Mary Rodgers (died August 14,2000) and Susana Lynn (died July 1,2001) Family claimed Lynn was years older

Rita Donn (died January 17,1999) and Melvina Richardson (died March 31,2001) some records say Richardson was born 1890

Maria Zatti (died May 21,1999) and Matsuno Oikawa (died January 3,2002)

(Sister) Martha Pellow (died June 2,2000) and Jessie Penn (died June 30,2001)

Amy Pearce (died June 20,1999) and Harriet Trudgen (died August 2,2000)

Lora (Brown) Blair (died December 28,1999) and Elena Slough (died October 5,2003) Blair might have been born July 9,and Slough might have been born July 4

Mabelle Bauman (died July 12,2000) and Edward Bernard (died August 11,2000) Bernard may have been one month older

Nancy Ray (died June 6,2000) and Anna Rust (died August 15,2000)

Gozei Taba (died January 6,2001), Martha Williams (died February 24,2002), and Nellie Bradley (died March 11,2002) First same-day sets on consecutive days,first same-day trio to all reach 111

Ethel Booth (died February 18,2001) and Natalia Cresci (died March 13,2002)

Jessamine Nicholls (died October 30,2002), Kinno Tanoue (died November 30,2002), and Ruby Drakeford(died December 29,2004) Some sources have Tanoue born on the 12th

Yutaka Endo (died January 3,2005) and Camille (Loiseau) Chadal (died August 12,2006) oldest same-day pair

Blanche Marinier (died September 30,2002) and Lloyd Myers (died February 1,2003)

Elva Rudder(born November 28,2003) and Ida Nardi (died February 6,2004)

Tane Komine(died March 14,2005) and Fanny Bruel (died March 29,2005)

Litta Walker(died January 13,2004) and Lydia Newton (died October 30,2005)

Mollie Beard and Vonnie Looney, both died September 3, 2003...only pair born and died the same day

Dora Hand(died January 2,2004) and Elisabeth Heck(died February 3,2005)

Zela Burstad (died March 19,2004) and Mary Margaret Smith(died May 23,2006)

Louis Marion(died December 28,2003), Gisela Metreweli (died July 31,2004),and Serafina Naccarato-Magliocchi (died March 29.2006)

Harriet Holm(died December 22,2003) and Agnes Ferron (died January 18,2006)

Florence Homan (died August 13,2006) and Helen Stetter (died June 1,2007)

Kinu Onishi (died March 8,2004) and Gracy Styck(died March 6,2006)

Kise Endoh (died March 8,2005) and Gunhild Foerster(died February 4,2005)

Marie-Louise Bernede (died December 11,2005) and Gertrude Baines, (died September 11, 2009)

April 8,1894: Vera Kift (died January 26,2005) and Marie Mornet(died January 5,2007) Some records have Mornet born 4 days earlier

Bessie Ritter (died March 19,2005) and Fenimola Beghetti(died April 30,2005)

Freda Bleich (died December 21,2004) and Catherine Hagel (died December 6,2008)

Giulia Gemignani (died October 21,2005) and Catherine Trompeter(died November 18,2006)

Ruth Ferguson (died April 20,2006) and Ernest Pusey(died November 19,2006)

Kohachi Shigetaka (died July 3,2005) and Kama Chinen, (died May 2, 2010)

Natsu Kumagawa (died September 30,2005) and Jessie McArthur (died December 14,2005)

Arthur Warmington (died January 11,2006) and Tomoji Tanabe (died June 19,2009) first all-male same-day pair

Helen Czechowicz (died February 3,2006),Naka Matsuzaki (died March 6,2007), and Yoshino Ide(died January 28,2009)

Hisa Tokumotu (died November 27,2007) and Matsu Tsuru (died at an unknown date in the first quarter of 2008)

Kesa Eiei (died June 19,2007) and Kou Iijima (died March 22,2009)

Yoshi Kikuchi (died June 4,2006) and Chiyo Ogata (died December 6,2006)

Katsuno Mitsuno, last known alive in September 2006 and Florence Baldwin,last known alive in July 2009

George Francis (died December 27,2008) and Henry Allingham (died July 18,2009) Longest-lived male same-day pair

Olga Mortrude (died January 25,2007) and Bertha Lilly(died December 30,2007) Lilly may have been born September 9

Walter Seward (died September 14,2008) and E. Beatrice Riley(died May 15,2009)

Heki Miyashita (died at an unknown date in 2007) and Angeline Boivin (died February 28,2007)

Noemi Anderson (died April 20,2009) and Ethel Johnson(died July 29,2009)

Suwa Kondo(died January 22,2008) and Harvey Hite(died February 16,2008)

Antonia (Kolenbrander) Plaat (died March 9,2008) and Antonio Fernandes de Castro (died June 22,2009) July 24, 1899:

  • Bernice Madigan, Ruth Anderson, Elsie Ward