Tane Yonekura
Tane yonekura
Tane Yonekura on her 110th birthday.
Birth: 2 May 1904

113 years, 228 days

Country: JAP FlagJPN

Tane Yonekura [Japanese: 米倉タネ] (born 2 May 1904) is a verified Japanese supercentenarian. Mrs. Yonekura has been reported as being the oldest person in Kagoshima City, which is located in the homonymous prefecture.

At her 110th birthday, she was still walking with the help of a walker and exercised every day. She received a certificate for being the oldest person in her city.


年齢各歳、男女別住民基本台帳人口(平成27~29年) Kagoshima City

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