Tekla Juniewicz
Tekla Juniewicz 2
Birth: 10 June 1906
Lwow, Poland (now Lviv, Ukraine)

111 years, 132 days

Country: UKR FlagUKRPOL FlagPOL

Tekla Juniewicz (born 10 June 1906) is a Polish supercentenarian who at the age of 111 is the oldest living person in Poland following the passing of Jadwiga Szubartowicz of Lublin.


Tekla Juniewicz was born in present-day Ukraine and studied at the convent of Sisters' Szarytki, who would give her the nickname of "Kluska". She married in 1927 and had two daughters: Janina and Urszula. In 1945, during the repatriation and upon the political changes after World War II, the family moved to Gliwice in Upper Silesia where she has lived ever since. In 2016, Tekla Juniewicz was recognised as the second-oldest living resident of Poland.[1] On 10 June 2017, Tekla Juniewicz celebrated her 111th birthday. Following the death of Jadwiga Szubartowicz on 20 July 2017, Tekla Juniewicz is considered to be the oldest living person in Poland.


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