The current 110 Club logo used from 2013-Present with Jiroemon Kimura replacing Christian Mortensen as the oldest man ever


The original 110 Club logo used from 2009-2012 designed by Keith Cody and Ben Meyers

The 110 Club is an internet discussion forum about supercentenarians that was founded on 13 September 2007 by Ben Meyers and Keith Cody. There are currently five main administrators: Ben Meyers, Ryoung122 (Robert Young), CalvinTy (Mark Muir), Baxi, and Ale76 (Alessandro). It is currently the most popular discussion forum about supercentenarians on the Internet. As of 2016 the current group of moderators are davzar, Donovan, TML, Fiskje88, Baxi, Keith, GreekSupercentenarian, and Waenceslaus.

The forum can be found on the bottom link:

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