Tilly Oslender
Tilly Oslender 111
Tilly Oslender on the day before her 111th birthday.
Birth: 24 March 1907
Kiev, Ukraine

111 years, 115 days

Country: UKR FlagUKRCAN FlagCAN

Tilly Oslender (born 24 March 1907) is a Ukrainian-Canadian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). She is currently the fourth-oldest known living person in Canada behind Dolly Gibb, Henrietta Irwin, and Sarah Patenaude Bruyere.


Tilly Oslender was born on 24 March 1907 in Kiev, Ukraine as one of five children born to her parents. She was brought to Canada with her older sister in 1929, when she was 22, by relatives in Toronto who wanted them to have a better life away from the hardships of the Russian Revolution.

Tilly married Jack Oslender in around 1935 and had a daughter, Roslyn, with him. In the years that followed, Tilly worked in a garment factory, earning $3 a week to try and save enough money for the rest of her family to move to Canada. Unfortunately, after she paid an immigration agency, they closed the immigration and Tilly’s relatives couldn't come.

Jack Oslender passed away in 1990 following a long battle with emphysema. The couple had been married for over 55 years. In c.2000, she went back to Ukraine to visit her relatives for the first time since she'd moved to Canada. She hasn't been since.

In 2004, Tilly and her daughter joined Beth Tzedec Congregation, where she attends weekly bridge games, various programs and High Holiday services. On her 107th birthday, Tilly’s daughter Roslyn threw her a big party. Tilly’s 108th birthday party was a calmer occasion. In August 2016, when she was 109, Tilly attended B'nai Brith Seniors' Program in Toronto. She was the oldest attendee by several years.

Tilly Oslender currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 111 years, 115 days. She is one of the oldest known living Jews in the world.