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  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on December 28
  • I am Male
  • Richard Monkey

    |Futsuko Furuie=Futsuko Furuie=F=1 January 1906===

    |Mary Jorden=Mary Jorden=F=1 January 1906===

    |Alice Knox=Alice Knox=F=4 January 1906===

    |Elisabeth Hamm=Elisabeth Hamm=F=4 January 1906=2016=110 years, 0-362 days=

    |Marjorie Cooke=Marjorie Cooke=F=5 January 1906===

    |Ellen Brandenborg=Ellen Brandenborg=F=7 January 1906===

    |Evelyn Vigor=Evelyn Vigor=F=9 January 1906=26 April 2016=110 years, 108 days=

    |Clelia Campolongo=Clelia Campolongo=F=9 January 1906=2 March 2016=110 years, 53 days=

    |Isabel Castano Restrepo=Isabel Castano Restrepo=F=11 January 1906===

    |Auguste Ehard=Auguste Ehard=F=12 January 1906=22 March 2016=110 years, 70 days=

    |Zhou Youguang=Zhou Youguang=M=13 January 1906=14 January 2017=111 years, 1 day=

    |Yvette Mangin=Yvette Mangin=F=13 Janua…

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  • Richard Monkey

    Hello. I have decided that I will create a new article every Sunday throughout 2017, instead of haphazardly creating them when I felt like it. A new article will be up today, but starting from tomorrow, I will be creating one article a week.

    Any thoughts/comments on my plans?

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  • Richard Monkey

    I was thinking about creating an article where claims 110-114 that are unlikely to be verified can be put into an article, with a living cases list and a deceased cases list because we have an article with 110+ cases that are already/likely to be verified, we have Longevity Claims and Longevity Myths, but we don't have one for unlikely (but not debunked) claims 110-114.

    What does everyone think of this idea?

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  • Richard Monkey

    Number of edits

    February 16, 2016 by Richard Monkey

    I am confused by the number of edits the wiki says I have. The wiki says three different amounts. The "Local List Users" page says I have 2570, my user profile page says I have 2610, and my edit stats say I have 2663. So, which is correct?

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  • Richard Monkey

    I plan to make more supercentenarian (and some centenarian) biographies in the near future, those being:

    • Iris Branch
    • Dora Hand
    • Ellen Johansson
    • Martha Peck
    • Mae Ringer
    • John Quincy Post
    • Hazel Campbell
    • Oscar Coulembier

    When they are done, I will put a link to it on my user page. I will add more people to this list when I decide who to write a biography on next.

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