As with a construction project, it is important that we follow the "blueprints" for the Gerontology Wiki's construction.

At the moment, a lot of articles are beind started randomly, haphazardly, and not in conformity or consistency.

To overcome this, I'm starting this message thread/blog entry for a place to point out "projects" that have been started, but haven't been finished.

For example, "List of supercentenarians born in year X" is now formatted for 1870-1887, but for 1888-onward, we have some lists missing almost entirely (such as 1889) and others not formatted correctly (missing a gender column, for example). Also, the charts/graphs started with the earlier years haven't been finished.

Please also undo "bolding" for males. BOLDING should ONLY BE USED TO INDICATE TITLEHOLDER STATUS, SUCH AS WOP.Ryoung122 (talk) 20:45, January 13, 2016 (UTC)

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