Velgjer Svien
Velgjer Svien
Birth: 10 October 1842
Valdres, Norway
Death: 23 January 1953
Minnesota, USA
Age: 110 years, 105 days
Country: NOR FlagNORUSA FlagUSA

Velgjer Svien (née Nystuen; 10 October 1842 – 23 January 1953) was a Norwegian-American verified supercentenarian.

Velgjer was born in Valdres, Norway, as Velgjer Tostensdatter Nystuen. Her mother died when she was eight years old. Svien moved to United States in 1854, along with her father and siblings. The boat trip took 11 weeks. They started living in Wisconsin before moving to St. Ansgar, Iowa.

In 1860, she married another Norwegian immigrant, Andrew J. Svien. The couple moved to Minnesota five years later. They had four biological children and one foster daughter. They opened a hotel in Northfield. Andrew also worked as a farmer and policeman. Velgjer’s ”Americanized” name was Ellen Johnson. Velgjer became a widow in 1926. Her secret to longevity was to lead a stressfree life. She lived alone until age 98, when her daughter Carrie started living with her.

She died on 23 January 1953, at the age of 110 years, 105 days.


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