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Violet Brown
Violet Brown
Violet Brown at the age of 115.
Birth: 10 March 1900
Duanvale, Trelawny, Jamaica

117 years, 14 days

Country: JAM FlagJAM

Violet Brown (née Moss; born 10 March 1900) is a verified Jamaican supercentenarian. She is currently the second-oldest living person, after Emma Morano, whose age has been fully authenticated by an organization that specializes in age validation. She currently holds the all-time age record for Jamaica. Her nickname is ”Aunt V.” She is the last known living subject of Queen Victoria, the British Monarch who died on 22 January 1901. Violet was 10 months old at the time.


Violet Henrietta was born in the small town of Duanvale, located in Trelawny Parish, Jamaica. Her father, John Gordon Mosse, worked as a sugar boiler. Her mother, Elizabeth (née Riley) Mosse, was a housekeeper. Violet had three other siblings. At a relatively late age, 13, she was baptized. At one point, she married Augustus Gaynor Brown. The couple had 6 children in total; four sons and two daughters.

These included Harold Fairweather (1920-   ), Elsie Dowman (1923-fl 2009), Irving Russell (1923-1989), Barrington Russell, Morris Davis, Idalyn Wilks. Elsie and Irving were twins.

Violet worked various jobs during her life, including as a domestic helper, farmer and as a dressmaker. She became a widow in 1978, when Augustus passed away.

Later life

At the time of her 110th birthday, it was reported that aside from deafness, Violet was in good overall physical shape. She stated that she didn’t feel her age. She attributed her long life to God, respecting her parents as well, working hard and eating coconut sauce. Some of her favourite pastimes include going to church, reading books and listening to music.

At the time of her 113th birthday, it was reported that she was still in overall excellent health, with her memory still intact. It was revealed that Violet maintained a book that recorded every deceased person in the Duanvale area between 1950-1978. At age 115, she was still able to walk (with the help of a walker) and could read without any glasses.

As of 2016, Violet’s son Harold Fairweather (born April 20, 1920) is still alive at age 96 and has lived with his mother for years.

Age verification

While reported in local media since at least age 109, an application to Gerontology Research Group (GRG) was submitted in June 2013. Her case was accepted on 26 July 2014 when she was 114 years old. Though there were multiple claims of birthdates: 4th, 10th and 15th March 1900, the GRG officially recognised her with the 10 March 1900 birthdate.


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