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William Kiney
William Kiney
Birth: 10 February 1846
Death: 23 June 1953
Age: 107 years, 134 days
Country: USA FlagUSA

William Albert Kiney (10 February 1846 (claimed 10 February 1843) - 23 June 1953) was an American centenarian. He was also a Confederate veteran of the American Civil War. He was the last surviving fully documented combat veteran of the war from either side (citation needed) (the cases of James Erwin and Thomas Riddle are unable to be verified or debunked), having served in Morgan's Raiders. He was also possibly the oldest living man in the United States when he died.

While he claimed birth on 10 February 1843 (which would've made his final age 110 years, 133 days), Professor Jay S. Hoar, using personal correspondence with Kiney's granddaughter as well as census records, concluded that Kiney was in fact born in 1846 (and thus only 107 years old when he died). Hoar also located enlistment records confirming Kiney's claims of service.[1]


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