Yasutaro Koide
Birth: 13 March 1903
Tsuruga, Fukui, Japan
Death: 19 January 2016
Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Age: 112 years, 312 days
Country: JAP FlagJPN

Yasutaro Koide (小出 保太郎) (13 March 1903 – 19 January 2016) was a verified Japanese supercentenarian, recognised as the oldest living man in the world from the death of 112-year old Sakari Momoi on 5 July 2015 until his own death six months later. He was also the oldest living person in Aichi Prefecture and the fourth oldest ever verified Japanese man on record.[1]


Koide was born on 13 March 1903 in Tsuruga, Fukui, where he worked as a tailor for a men’s clothes shop. At the age of 107, he moved to Nagoya city to be with his daughter. On 21 August 2015, he was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest living man. It was reported he was able to read without glasses, could eat without dentures and was able to walk around in his house.[2]

He died of heart failure and pneumonia at 0:17 AM on 19 January 2016, aged 112 years, 312 days.[3][4]

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